Diabetic Neuropathy

Patient Name

Mrs. Shailaja was suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy (Peripheral Neuropathy due to Diabetes) since 8 years. She had severe pain & burning sensation in her foot. She had consulted many doctors and finally she came to CLC and was advised Cold Laser Therapy for 10 sessions. She is completely relieved of her pain now and is happy. Listen to her talk about our Cold Laser Treatment*

* The results may vary from person to person.

Cold Laser Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

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Mr. Nagaraj had Frozen Shoulder from 4 years. He had difficulty moving his Shoulder. He needed help to even change his clothes. He was having a lot of pain. He took Cold Laser therapy in CLC, and now he is able to move his shoulder freely and has absolutely no pain. CLC takes pride in bringing smile on faces of many such patients*

* The results may vary from person to person.

Cold Laser Therapy for Migraine

Patient Name

Mr. Raju was having Migraine (Headache) from 48-50 years. He had consulted numerous doctors, took all kinds of medicines but the pain persisted. Here, he explains how he was desperate to get rid of his migraine and how he tried all forms of treatment (some funny ones included), but nothing helped and he had lost hope. Finally, he heard about CLC and took cold laser treatment. Now his Migraine is gone*

* The results may vary from person to person.

Cold laser Treatment for Osteoarthritis Knee

Patient Name
Dr. Basavaraj

Dr. Basavaraj (ENT Specialist) aged 74 yrs was suffering from pain in both knees for the past 12 years. He was suggested Knee Replacement Surgery by other Doctors. He was hesitant to undergo surgery. When he heard about Cold Laser therapy in CLC, he was skeptical initially about the effectiveness of this treatment. Since this is an advanced medical treatment being practised recently, most of the practising doctors themselves are unaware of this cold laser therapy. After taking cold laser therapy in CLC, he is not having pain in his knees and he goes on his morning walks and lives a healthy life*

* The results may vary from person to person.


"I was experiencing severe headache for the past 15 years. The prescribed painkillers/medications couldn't stop the terrible pain. Finally I went to CLC and took treatment, which eliminated the migraine and its symptom. I am very happy now* "



"I have suffered from pain in both my knees for 12 years. I tried as much as possible to lead an active life style while fighting pain with a combination of medications and knee cap. Then I took laser treatment in CLC. Now I have absolutely NO PAIN* "



I had pain in my lower back and left leg for 3 years, I was not able to sleep, stand or walk for long time because of severe pain. But after taking laser therapy at CLC, I am absolutely fine now* "



"I had severe pain in my neck for 2 years, which used to increase during heavy work and travel. Then I was introduced to CLC and took treatment, now my health is improving without any pain* "



"I was suffering from severe pain in my right shoulder for 3 years. I couldn't even move my shoulder. And later I developed same pain in my left shoulder also. After taking treatment in CLC, now I am able to move my shoulders without PAIN!!*



"From past 20 years, I was addicted to alcohol and smoking. I tried all kinds of treatment, but nothing helped. Then I took laser treatment in CLC. I felt this is the easiest way of quitting. And my lifestyle has changed now*


* The results may vary from person to person.